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  • Community pulls together after deadliest fire in California’s history burns through towns November 20, 2018
    "I first saw the pictures of the church Friday afternoon as I was having my lunch," said Dan Martella, administrative pastor for the Paradise Seventh-day Adventist Church in California, during a Nov. 12, 2018, Skype interview with the Fox 5 Washington, D.C. television station (WTTG/WDCA). Martella has been a pastor there — and a community […]
  • In Jamaica, Pathfinder Clubs to be added in public schools November 20, 2018
    The Ministry of Education in Jamaica is taking steps to allow the Seventh-day Adventist uniform group—the Pathfinders—to setup clubs in primary and high schools across the nation. This announcement was made by Assistant Superintendent of Police Coleridge Minto with responsibility for safety in schools, who was representing the Education Minister, The Hon. Ruel Reid, during […]
  • Hope Media Italia is born November 20, 2018
    Using the Voice of Hope (VoH) Enterprise, the Italian Union of Seventh-day Adventist Churches (UICCA) brought to life Adventist Media Center’s “Hope Media Italia,” which has already taken strides to change the style of the union’s communication, taking its strengths into consideration. To find out more, we turned to Vincenzo Annunziata, director of the UICCA […]
  • Missionary Bible enables visualization of prophetic images November 17, 2018
    With its prophetic language, the Book of Revelation describes scenes that are often hard for readers to imagine. Now, with the new Missionary Bible launched by the Adventist Church, it will be possible to visualize them using augmented reality. Through the mystery of technology, a new smartphone app – the Apocalipse RA (available for Android […]
  • 7 boys don’t know their shy angel November 17, 2018
    Seven small boys caught Abigalle Nyatich’s attention as she waited in line for lunch after the Sabbath sermon. The shy 14-year-old girl had never seen the boys before. The oldest boy looked to be about 8 years old, and the youngest was around 4. Some boys wore shorts, and others wore trousers. No matter what […]
  • Integrated Adventist Health Portal launches November 16, 2018
    To enable easier access to health information, the Adventist Church in South America launched the Integrated Adventist Health Portal ‘Quiero Vida y Salud’ [I want Life and Health] in Spanish and Portugese at its Annual Council.  The idea is to add everything related to health within the guidelines upheld by Adventists around the world. That includes […]
  • Scandinavia launches Adventist Communication Academy November 16, 2018
    How can you communicate better using today’s myriad electronic media platforms?  To help answer that question, over forty people met at Vejlefjord Adventist College, Denmark for a communication weekend 9-11 November. Richard Daly, British Union Conference Communication director, inspired participants with his personal and vibrant message ‘Who took my juice?’.  Daly shared not just personal […]
  • Top Inter-American administrators officially installed November 16, 2018
    Top Seventh-day Adventist administrators in the Inter-American Division (IAD) were officially installed during a special ceremony of consecration held at the Parc Ste Thérese Thérèse Stadium in Petionville, Port-au-Prince, Haiti, on Saturday, Nov. 10, 2018.  Hundreds of Inter-America’s executive committee members along with local leaders and members witnessed the historic event ahead of the church’s business meetings […]
  • Seventh-day Adventist World Church president Ted N.C. Wilson thanks church members for their prayers after the 2018 Annual Council. November 15, 2018
    Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ, about three weeks ago on October 10, I appealed to you, the nearly 21 million Seventh-day Adventist members around the world, to pray earnestly for everyone attending the Annual Council of the General Conference Executive Committee that was held in Battle Creek, Michigan.   You may remember that I specifically […]
  • World Church President sets tone for Inter-America year-end meetings November 15, 2018
    The Inter-American Division’s (IAD) Year-End Meetings began with prayer for the outpouring of the Holy Spirit, a rich harvest of new members in 2019 and for the return of members who have left the church. More than 120 top leaders representing the 24 unions and 42 countries and islands that comprise the IAD territory gathered […]
  • Adventists Center of Influence officially opened in Vanuatu November 15, 2018
    Seventh-day Adventist Church members in Port Vila, Vanuatu are celebrating after the opening of a new multipurpose building. South Pacific Division president Pastor Glenn Townend officially opened the Epauto Adventist Multipurpose Centre on November 2, and was joined by president of the Adventist Church in the Trans Pacific (TPUM), Pastor Maveni Kaufononga, president of the […]
  • Adventist took part in the forum of the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation on Freedom of Conscience November 15, 2018
    Seventh-day Adventist Church leaders recently participated in a Freedom of Conscience forum hosted by the Public Chamber of the Russian Federation in mid-October 2018.  The forum’s theme, "Religion in the context of the political and constitutional-legal system of Russia" celebrated the 25th anniversary of the Russian Federation’s Constitution and the 100th anniversary of the decree on […]
  • Adventist student named Wildlife Warrior of the Year November 14, 2018
    Molly Henry, a year 8 student at Central Coast Adventist School (CCAS), has been invited to the Steve Irwin Gala Dinner in Brisbane on November 10 where she will receive the award from Australia Zoo and the Steve Irwin Foundation for her conservation projects and efforts. The team at Australia Zoo told Molly’s mum Melinda that Terri, […]
  • Inter-America’s annual Bible Competition finalists to compete in Belize November 14, 2018
    Young finalists representing Inter-America’s 24 major church territories will compete one last time during the last bible competition of the year on Dec. 1, 2018. Finalists will travel to Belize to test their knowledge of the books of Matthew, Mark and Chapters 6-15 of Ellen G. White’s Desire of Ages. The event becomes the 15th annual […]
  • Young Moldova Adventists host NEWSTART health expo November 14, 2018
    Every year on October 14, Tiraspol, Moldova residents take to the streets, celebrating their city’s birthday. City authorities plan special events for citizens to enjoy during the holiday, and Tiraspol Adventists typically host a NEWSTART health exhibition as their contribution to the celebration.  This year the NEWSTART program was held in the city park. More than […]